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Show us the Report

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I felt like doing an Alex Day impression.


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"Show us the Report" is a campaign spearheaded by a charity called the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA).

Its aim is to ensure all chocolate with the Harry Potter branding sold by Warner Bros is made ethically.

The campaign is so named because the HPA put this question (is your chocolate ethically sourced?) to Warner Bros and they responded with:

"eh, it’s fine. Don’t worry your pretty little heads about it", to paraphrase.

The HPA checked this out and found that this wasn’t quite the case. In fact, they had a report to prove it.

Warner Bros was like:

"um, yeah. That’s really nice and all. But, uh, we’ve made our own report. And it’s all fine".

HPA asks: “can we see it?”.

Warner Bros replies: “er, no. No. But it’s fine though. Just trust us”.

So, what the HPA wants, is for Warner Bros to show us the report because that would be really nice thanks, and put our minds at rest.

The link to sign the petition is here:

Here are some videos by Alex Day, Lauren Fairweather, and Alex Carpenter about it:

1. Alex Day “Show Us The Report!”

2. Lauren Fairweather “Chocolate, Guilt, and the Imperfect Activist.”

3. Alex Carpenter “Harry Potter Haikus”

And, here is the HPA’s video “We Tried to Warn A Brother”:


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